Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Gift Ideas from Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

     In December, words like introspection, preparation, holidays, and buckling down for winter come to mind. As you shop and get used to the idea of drones today, consider that if you purchase something cozy from Pyramid Atlantic, you also help support our mission to bring art to the people. And since we think that's a great idea for artists and for the world, we thought we'd list our top ten. Are you ready? Here are our very best:

Letterpress calendar: Updated every year with new art by our volunteers, support this ongoing project chronicling our artists' printmaking. Click on Letterpress calendar for more information and to purchase the calendar via our paypal button. $35.00.

The Bite Me book: a whimsical cookbook by our volunteers. This hand bound creation contains appetizer and main dish recipes, or "bite me firsts" and "bite me laters." Click on Bite Me for more details and to purchase the cookbook via our paypal button. $55.00.


Much better for a clean escape than that little tree in your last snowball fight, our 2012 book arts fair commemorative apron (now a collector's item) will keep messes off your clothes while you work. Click on apron for more details and to purchase this item via our paypal button. $20.00.

Use our gift card instead of cash to pay for classes, studio rentals, one-on-one tutorials, and memberships. Put $300.00 on the card we'll add $50.00 more for free! Email our director Jose Dominguez at to buy yours.

Our prints are by artists in residence. Click on prints for more details. To purchase them, email Jose Dominguez at

There are several membership possibilities at Pyramid Atlantic. A basic membership gives you discounts on studio time, workshops, and gallery rentals; access to members only activities; and other perks. Click on membership for more details and to purchase yours via paypal. Starting at $40.00.

Looking for some extra guidance from a mentor or just savor tutorials when it comes to art? Consider our One-on-one workshop: For information on private tutorials, click on one-on-one and email your interest to $150.00 for a 3-hour session.

Most of our friends start out by taking classes here. Click on classes to see a complete listing, and to register and pay for yours via paypal. Starting at $120.00.

T-shirt: The Pyramid Atlantic t-shirt is not just any t-shirt. Come on, everybody's doing it. To purchase, come by Pyramid Atlantic and any of our staff will be happy to assist you. We accept cash, check, and credit card. $20.00.

Our holiday pulp and paper mill package is a pound of pulp and three hours of studio time. Though not a hybrid car, you may feel like you're driving one when you get such absurdly excellent paper making mileage. To purchase, see any staff member or email Gretchen Schermerhorn at $100.00.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Letterpress Calendar is Here!

The time is now to get your copy of Pyramid Atlantic's coveted Letterpress Calendar. This limited edition collaboration, now in its 5th year, features gorgeous original designs and the tactile feel found from letterpress printing. Makes a unique and thoughtful gift, with the added bonus of supporting Pyramid's programs.

2014 Pyramid Atlantic Letterpress Calendar

  • 4.25" x 11", printed on Pyramid Atlantic's Vandercook Presses on 100% cotton paper
  • Each month is designed and printed by a different artist
  • $35 each plus shipping, purchase here.
  • Or purchase in person at 8230 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring MD
  • All proceeds go directly to Pyramid Atlantic's programs
  • More information and photos here.