Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's Happening in Our Studios: James Quigley in Letterpress

Last but not least for last Friday, January 24, James was working on a special greeting card project for his Model Citizen Press ( He's using the photo polymer method (as opposed to the two other main methods of lead type and wood type) and rubber-based ink (not oil-based) to create his cards on one of the large Vandercook presses. This method involves using vegetable oil, then the product Simple Green to clean the machine afterwards. It takes a while for the press to dry, so you want to be sure to do all your work with one color before you move on to the next. You must complete your study before using the Vandercook on your own.

As a demo, James ran a basic greeting card, securing the type, aligning the card under the guides, and rolling the card through the machine, to create the final print that came out already dry (see pictures).

What's Happening in Our Studios: Grace Kubilius in Paper

Also on Friday, Grace was making paper using thread sandwiched inside. The end result will be paper with embedded fibers.

What's Happening in Our Studios: Maggie Gourlay in Screen Printing

On Friday, Maggie had what looked like house plans in front of her on the table. These particular screen prints use thread as a line and are part of a series she's been working on for a couple years.

Monday, January 20, 2014

More of What's Happening in Our Studios This Week

Valentines Day must be on the way. Time to make pink paper!

What's Happening in Our Studios This Week?

Patti Harden is working away in the paper studio. She says she's making a book to be used as a Kennedy Center stage prop.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ice Breaker

Winter is here. The flowers are sleeping, and the storm clouds pour out snow. Temperatures below forty degrees have settled in to calm our New Year's cheer; and, the indoors are the places we escape to for our great adventures. This season of ice and freezing rain has compelled artists, at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, to come from out of their introversion, to bring the heat of themselves together, and share tidings of comfort and joy with one another. New to the space are studio interns, Janet Ibrahim and Lew Is Ckool. To break the ice, they thought to make a game of introducing themselves.

(The following is a true transcription of events.)

Lew Is Ckool: Hey Janet! There is a game that I like to play to get to know my students better. It’s called Would You Rather. Have you heard of it?

Janet Ibrahim:  Yeah. I’ve heard of it.

Lew: Would you like to play? 

Janet: Sure. Sounds like fun. Share with me the rules and we can play a few rounds.

L: I’ll present you with two options in the form of the question “would you rather...” You’re allowed to choice one, and only one. It would nice if you could explain why…it’ll make for interesting conversation. I’ll answer the questions you present to me, and in turn you can answer the question I present to you.

J: I got it.

L: Ok. Would you rather have no hair or no teeth?

J: Lol… I would rather have no hair. My teeth are dear to me. I can easily wear a wig to cover my head.

L: The same is true for me. I think eating would be difficult with no teeth. And I might look as nice as Mike (Jordan) if my head were bald :)

J:Would you rather be stuck as an old person or an infant?

L: I would rather be stuck as old person. I’d rather a life full of memories than a life with none at all.

J: I think I’d prefer the experience of an infant. That way everything is new and wondrous.

L: Would you rather have a lot of money and no friends, or friends and no money?

J: I’d rather have friends and no money. We need each other, and if my friends are truly friend they’ll help me out in my time of need.

L: I like that. I agree.

L: It’s nice to meet you Janet Ibrahim :)

J: it’s nice to meet you too Lew Is Ckool.

* Janet Ibrahim
Janet is from Fredrick, MD and she really likes trying new things and exploring the arts. Janet is a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she studies Art and Education. Her hobbies (and interests) included crochet, knit theory, and listening to Beyonce.

#Lew Is Ckool.
It’s true. He is a poem…a myth…a constellation of ideas made to pull together the dual/complimentary aspects of the cosmos. He is a philosophical system.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter and Spring Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic

Pyramid Atlantic's winter and spring workshops are now up on our website. Please take a look!

We have a few great visiting instructors for the spring:

-Marianne Dages is teaching a letterpress workshop, Chance and Experimentation on the Vandercook, on May 3. Marianne is an artist who makes books, drawings, and prints. A skilled letterpress printer and bookbinder, her work combines traditional letterpress techniques with hand-drawn and photographic imagery to create a personal and idiosyncratic dictionary of symbols and preoccupations. She studied book arts, papermaking, and letterpress for two years at Penland School of Crafts as a Core Fellow and was the Letterpress Studio Coordinator of The Common Press, University of Pennsylvania from 2011-13. Marianne currently works as an artist and educator and runs Huldra Press studio in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia. 
Please check out the above "Letterpress" link for more information on Marianne's workshop. 

-Lee Newman is teaching a monotype workshop on April 3 and 10. Lee holds BFA and MFA degrees from American University where he taught painting, drawing, and printmaking for eight years. A Fulbright Scholar, he spent a year in Vienna, Austria before returning to Washington to found the Washington Studio School. His paintings and prints are in a number of permanent collections including the National Gallery of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Please check out the following link for more information on Lee's workshop:

-Saaraliisa Yliato returns to teach her popular Shifu paper thread workshop on May 24. Saaraliisa is a textile and paper artist who has traveled extensively on four continents, including an apprenticeship with a master papermaker in Japan. Since returning to the U.S. in 2007 she has been working out of her own studio in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. For more information on Saaraliisa's class please see the above "Papermaking" link.

Feel free to email with any questions. 

Best wishes and happy new year from Pyramid Atlantic!