Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's Happening in Our Studios: James Quigley in Letterpress

Last but not least for last Friday, January 24, James was working on a special greeting card project for his Model Citizen Press ( He's using the photo polymer method (as opposed to the two other main methods of lead type and wood type) and rubber-based ink (not oil-based) to create his cards on one of the large Vandercook presses. This method involves using vegetable oil, then the product Simple Green to clean the machine afterwards. It takes a while for the press to dry, so you want to be sure to do all your work with one color before you move on to the next. You must complete your study before using the Vandercook on your own.

As a demo, James ran a basic greeting card, securing the type, aligning the card under the guides, and rolling the card through the machine, to create the final print that came out already dry (see pictures).

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