Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Fall 2014 Keyholder Resident Artist at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is Christine Adams, an Arizona State University graduate,  with a BFA in printmaking. Adams is currently working on a series of lithographs dealing with different kinds of pain, which she describes as a human emotion that is not often talked about, but one that everybody feels at some point. It is through this often secretive emotion that Adams attempts to connect with the viewer through her work. Adams says that this is not a new theme for her work, describing human emotion as a potentially endless source of inspiration that she can draw on for a long time, and that even though pain is a negative emotion, the act of making art about it can be positive.
Adams also describes how the aesthetics of lithography are very different from screenprinting and etching, and says she enjoys how the ink soaks into the paper instead of laying on top of it. The image she is currently working on involves a self-portrait, but Adams describes it as merely a place to start, as she intends to focus more on the written word. Adams described hand written lettering as being more individual and personal, which is more appropriate for the subject matter she is leaning towards, rather than something like letterpress.
When asked why she came to Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Adams says she heard about it from friends, who knew about it and came here themselves, and decided to visit it herself. Finding it to be a great space to work in, Adams applied to be an artist in residence and was accepted. She says that even though she was ready to focus primarily on lithography, the workspace has so many possibilities with its printshop, letterpress studio, and bookbindery, that there are many directions that an artist could go at Pyramid Atlantic.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Fall Studio Interns have landed!

The new fall interns just arrived, and are already down to business. They took time out of their busy schedule, however, to interview each other.

                     Left to Right:  Brad Luke, Kristina King, and Dave Miller

Kristina King
Interviewed by Brad Luke

BL: Where are you from?
KK: I am from Tarrytown, NY

BL: And where did you go to school?
KK: I went to Denison University in Ohio where I got a BFA in studio art:

BL: Ok, and how did you get into art?
KK: It has always been a part of my life. I started drawing when I was a kid and I got really serious about it in high school and I was looking at liberal art schools that had art programs, so that’s how I ended up going to Denison.

BL: What do you like to do when you aren’t drawing or making art?
KK: I like things like knitting, yoga, visiting family and friends, but art is pretty much a full time job for me.

BL: What do you like to draw?
KK: I’m more of a realist in my drawings, so a lot of portraits and landscapes. Those sorts of things.

BL: What made you decide to come to Pyramid Atlantic?
KK: I had just finished a summer internship at  Dieu DonnĂ© which is a papermill and I was researching other papermaking opportunities and Pyramid Atlantic really stood out to me because I had family nearby and  they have so many different  opportunities and classes to take and so it looked really great.

BL: What drew you to papermaking?
KK: I really enjoy the process of making paper. There are so many different applications for handmade paper. I can make three dimensional sculptures and involve my own drawings on my paper creations. The medium has a lot to offer.

BL: What do think of Pyramid Atlantic so far?
KK: I really love it. It’s so open and everyone is really friendly. They’re very helpful. I can’t wait to just be here for the next few months.

BL: So, what are you most excited about learning at Pyramid Atlantic?
KK: Definitely, anything about bookmaking or letterpress. I just want to experience as much as I can and learn new techniques. I am really excited about that.

BL: You plan on being all over the place?
KK: Exactly. I came here to do papermaking but I want to learn new skills. Taking printmaking classes and especially the printstallation class.

BL: Do have any plans for after Pyramid Atlantic?
KK: I guess it’s up in the air. Maybe I’ll move back east. I guess I don’t know.

Brad Luke
Interviewed by David Miller

DM: Brad, where are you from?
BL: I’m from Mississippi. I went to Mississippi State University for a BFA in drawing and I went to the University of Mississippi for an MFA in studio art with a concentration in printmaking.

DM: Ok. And you were born and raised in Mississippi, is that correct?
BL: Yes.

DM: How did you hear about Pyramid Atlantic?
BL: I heard about Pyramid Atlantic  from a friend at Ole’ Miss. and she showed my a brochure and some literature about Pyramid and she said I should try it out and I tried out for a few other things at the same time and I got the internship and here I am. But I heard about it from a friend.

DM: What would you say your main printmaking technique is?
BL: I really like all of them but I like intaglio. I like etching on copper. Copper flashing. I do some zinc plates but I mostly like etching on copper.

DM: What would you say first got you into art?
BL: Well, when I was a kid, I drew all the time and I think growing up and playing video games and watching a lot of cartoons. I was always more interested in things that come up in my head and I really liked to draw them. I just love to draw. I’ve always been in to it naturally I think.

DM: What would you say you do when you’re not making art? What do you like to do?
BL: Hmm.. Like I said I’m really into playing video games and watching cartoons. I don’t do as much as I used to. I really like to read. I really like to watch movies.

DM: What are some of your favorite movies?
BL: That’s really tough. I like The Wizard of Oz. When I was a kid they would show it on TV every year and I would always watch it. It really brings home a lot of things for me. As far as movies I’ve seen over and over again, I’ve seen Terminator I and II like a dozen times. I also really like anime.

DM: What about music? Do you have a favorite band?
BL: Right now I’m listening to a lot of Muse and Metric and The Sounds. I really like nineties music, like grunge. The Smashing Pumpkins.

DM: What do you look forward to experiencing the most at Pyramid Atlantic?
BL: I’m not sure yet. I guess I want to learn more about how a place like Pyramid Atlantic works. What goes into running a non profit center and even all the new techniques they have to offer.

DM: Is there anything else we should know about you?
BL: I really put a lot of myself into my work.

DM: So it’s kind of autobiographical?
BL: Oh, yeah. You can tell what kind of day I’m having just by what I’ve been drawing. That’s a big part of my art.

David Miller
Interviewed by Kristina King

KK: So tell me about yourself? What’s your hometown?
DM: My hometown is Glendale, Arizona. I was born and raised there and I went to Arizona State University and I’ve lived there ever since until now.  

KK: When you’re not making art, what do you like to do?
DM: I actually like to ride my bike. Recently, I’ve tried to become more physically fit. I want to learn to cook. I have a lot of friends who are cooks and chefs and I’ve noticed there is a few similarities to cooking and art making so I like to think about that.

KK: What do you like to cook?
DM: I don’t know. I can hardly boil an egg but  I guess I would really like to make my own lasagna someday. I love it.

KK: So how does it feel to have so many Arizona people around at Pyramid?
DM: It’s a little tricky. I don’t want the Arizona people to be a clique so I think it’s really important to share the workload and get to know other people. Everyone from Arizona is my friend but I think it’s more important that I meet new people.

KK: What are you most excited about in doing this internship at Pyramid Atlantic?
DM: I’m most excited about meeting other artists, especially professional artists. Getting to know how they approach their work and hearing how they’ve grown over the years. From being a recent grad to someone who makes a good living creating art in printmaking.

KK: Are there studios or classes that you’re excited about taking?
DM: I’m very excited about learning how to make paper. ASU does have an excellent paper making studio however I chose not to learn it there. I just didn’t end up taking any classes so I feel like that’s something I fell behind on and I want to catch up.