Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Fall 2014 Keyholder Resident Artist at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is Christine Adams, an Arizona State University graduate,  with a BFA in printmaking. Adams is currently working on a series of lithographs dealing with different kinds of pain, which she describes as a human emotion that is not often talked about, but one that everybody feels at some point. It is through this often secretive emotion that Adams attempts to connect with the viewer through her work. Adams says that this is not a new theme for her work, describing human emotion as a potentially endless source of inspiration that she can draw on for a long time, and that even though pain is a negative emotion, the act of making art about it can be positive.
Adams also describes how the aesthetics of lithography are very different from screenprinting and etching, and says she enjoys how the ink soaks into the paper instead of laying on top of it. The image she is currently working on involves a self-portrait, but Adams describes it as merely a place to start, as she intends to focus more on the written word. Adams described hand written lettering as being more individual and personal, which is more appropriate for the subject matter she is leaning towards, rather than something like letterpress.
When asked why she came to Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Adams says she heard about it from friends, who knew about it and came here themselves, and decided to visit it herself. Finding it to be a great space to work in, Adams applied to be an artist in residence and was accepted. She says that even though she was ready to focus primarily on lithography, the workspace has so many possibilities with its printshop, letterpress studio, and bookbindery, that there are many directions that an artist could go at Pyramid Atlantic.

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