Friday, April 9, 2010

Our first challenge:

Spring interns took part in spring cleaning this week at Pyramid Atlantic by printing fresh curtains for the studio. Bright and airy, these dividers were fun and easy to make, especially with a few helping hands!

You can print fabric like this of your own design by using hand-made stamps!
You will need:
pre-washed cotton or muslin
a few sheets of foam
plastic or wooden blocks (we used plastic box frames)
adhesive (PVA works well)
fabric ink or paint
brushes or spongey brayers

Cut your design out of foam using scissors or an Exacto, keeping in mind it will be reversed when printed. Mount to block.
Seal with a coat of PVA and allow to dry overnight.
Paint, roll, or stamp on ink, and print...
Don't be afraid to apply ample pressure!
Your stamps can be reused, just rinse and allow to air dry.

Happy printing!

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