Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks to our new and renewing members

Pyramid Atlantic would like to extend a warm welcome to the following people whose memberships demonstrate their support of our mission.

Kimberly Hedges
Jim Kuhn
Jane Pomeroy
Douglas Kingsbury
Joan Belmar
Allan Akman
Jessica Beals
Michael & Susan Crane
Dennis Deloria
Brenda Devrouax
Ghandi Brigade Incorporated
Ellen Hill-Godfrey
Marilyn Grelle
Melvin and Juanita Boyd Hardy
Karen Hardy
Lisa Hill
Lynne & Joseph Horning
Deidre Jacobs
Richard Kamenitzer
Theano Nikitas
Karen O'Brien
Lona Piatigorsky
Tracy Laurel Pilzer
Joan M. Weiss
Valentine Wolly
Sarah Tanguy
Anne Clewell
Anne Dykers
Kate Littleboy
Martha Berry
Kristine Deninno
Stephanie Sherwood
Robin Hudspeth
Charann White
Sabina Modeste
Tanekeya Ward
Monika Pamp
Megan Moriarty
Anne Marie Foulger
Victoria Gadson
Chloe Bush
Shosh Goller
Tzippora Lasdun
Matthew Hyson
Terry Sitz

For information on how to become a member and membership benefits, go to our membership page on our website

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