Monday, October 18, 2010

Conversations with Aziza and Chuta Kimura

Aziza Gibson-Hunter, one of Pyramid’s fall resident artists, sits with a pile of splayed books as she sketches and researches Japanese landscape artist Chuta Kimura. “I feel like I’ve been in conversation with this man,” Aziza relates. Actually, she has been in conversation with him for ten years, always returning to one Kimura catalog of landscapes of France. This fall, Aziza, always a figurative artist, is challenging herself to talk back with a series of landscapes inspired by Kimura.

Like Kimura, Aziza’s subject is the familiar landscape. Even so, this project presents unfamiliarity for Aziza as she has no previous interest in making landscape works. She decided she needed to be shaken up out of her normal working style, and through it, Kimura “is really giving me an education.” From studying Kimura’s work, his calligraphic line quality and the “gem-like” colors, Aziza is seeing how to break up the space of the landscape much like that of the figure. “You have to move into uncomfortable spaces and try something new."

She plans to make 10 large pieces on handmade paper, incorporating screenprints, monotype, painting, and other processes. As she tests the reaction of layered inks and different papers, Aziza’s conscious interrupts the working process asking, “Who do you think you are that you can be able to sit down and rock this thing?” But as she continues working, she does. The creative process usually has its own objectives, so check back to see the progress that Aziza makes in a few weeks!

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