Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flippin' Out in November

There is a treasure to be found at Pyramid Atlantic during the month of November. It's not in a box or hidden anywhere. It's right there, bright as day, just waiting to be discovered. This special treasure comes in the form of an artist named Carla Nicolas. Carla is only here for the month of November to make an edition of 100 flip books, and they are amazing. If you had the pleasure to sit in on her demonstration during the book arts fair, you were delighted with her presentation of showing us her book that she will be making during November. Carla comes from a small town in Spain called Zaragoza, near Barcelona. Carla finished her studies about book arts (etching and printing only) in 2008 and studied last year in the Massana School of Barcelona. Carla created her own etching studio in Zaragoza in 2009 and works as a printing assistant in an Argentinean artist who lives in Zaragoza.
When I asked her why she was here at Pyramid working, she told me that there are is nowhere to work like this where she lives. She would have to travel to Barcelona to work in a studio like this. She is so excited to be here. Please stop by and visit her and get a peek at this special treasure!
Oh, and join us at Pyramid Atlantic, November 24th, 6:30pm, where she will giving a free artist lecture. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear about her process and inspiration!

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