Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Turn a plan ole bathroom into a fabulous living space.

Who would have thought that one day a bathroom, with minimal facilities and plain white washed walls would be transformed from a place to spend only a few minutes, to a room where you can spend the night or just take a nap or just hang out.
That was the inspiration that Deborah M. Carroll Anzinger and Richard Lyew devised to build the new "Inhabit" space at Pyramid Art Center this month.
Funny story how they got together. It all started in high school in Jamaica, but after many years, and old friend saw Richard in the airport and later told Deborah, who is a painter that works in large format, about spotting Richard. Deborah tracked Richard down and convinced him that he needed to collaborate with her to do a project. Richard is working as a architect in Rosslyn, so it was a piece of cake for him to help Deborah with designing this great space where visiting artists could spend time while they are creating Art. We all know that once you get involved in a project the minutes turn into hours, which turn into days. You lose all track of time and then realize that many hours have gone by and you haven't even had a chance to take 5 minutes to rest and relax.
The project was sort of like, a reality show where you only have a certain amount of money to transform one room into the Taj Mahal. Richard devised a blank board hanging on the wall where you might hang your work to dry, to a drop down cot that is supported by two tables that turn into storage containers. The space is so diverse, a cabinet that you might think might be someplace to house the rolls of tissue, is actually a unit that can house your paintings or supplies or even your toothbrush. Go figure.
The room continues to have the white washed look, but open the doors and cabinets and you will see that they are all painted vibrant colors to give that bathroom type feel to making you feel like you are a guest at the Mariott or Hilton. "Ahh, Room Service, can you send me a tray of cheese and a bottle of your best.................................... Check it out, but knock first.

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