Saturday, March 26, 2011

Visiting Artist, Markus Koch

above: Markus working on film preparation

For three days last week, I had the pleasure working with visiting artist Markus Koch, in the creation of an 8 color screenprint edition. Those of you who are familiar with screenprinting, will probably agree with me when I say that an 8 color print edition was a pretty ambitious endeavor for a three day residency.
Although we were under the gun to get the print finished, Markus was at ease and open to experimentation. He jumped right in without any hesitation (did I mention this was his first printmaking experience, ever?), encouraged improvisation, and told some great stories while we worked. We did manage to get the print edition finished, just minutes before the BWI Super shuttle arrived.

Big take away: It is really is about the journey.
Thanks Markus.Also, thanks to the NFL Players Association, for sponsoring Markus' residency

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