Thursday, May 5, 2011

Master Youngdam's visit

Last week we enjoyed a very special treat here at Pyramid Atlantic. Master Youngdam, an award-winning Korean nun and papermakaer, lead a workshop on traditional ways of making Korean hanji paper.Pictured above: our intern (coincidentally from Seoul) B00Gyung, did a fine job of translating
She taught the traditional way of sheet formation, whabaldugee, which is a different technique than other other Asian methods of sheet forming. During the paper dipping process, she held the screen and the mould together. The far side of the mould was attached to a string hung that hung from above. First, she scooped the vat stock from her side and let it flow towards the far side. This first scoop formed the ground of the sheet. Then she took the second scoop laterally from either side and it flowed away to the opposite side of the mould. She repeated these steps until the desired thickness was achieved, which was about 7 or 8 times.
To see more of her class and technique, watch this video
Side note: Notice her scarf. She was cold, so she tied a piece of paper around her neck!

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