Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goodbye Summer Interns

Sorry to have to say goodbye to our summer interns. We hope the best for them as they finish their artistic studies at Smith, Wash U., St. Mary's, Carnegie Mellon, and at SUNY-Oswego!
Anyone up for a challenge??
Be the frist to answer this question in the comments section: Find the main difference between the photo above, and the photo we took on the intern's first day, and we'll send you a lovely piece of handmade paper.


  1. Well I suppose we no longer see the toilet in the updated photo, and the wardrobes have changed. But the obvious discrepancy is that you seem to have spontaneously gained one guy and lost one gal.

    Stephanie, it's great that you matched your pose =]
    You're the best!

  2. You're right! Email me your address, or you can come by and pick up your paper. Congratulations!