Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet Visiting Artists Inga & Andy Hamilton!

Artists Inga and Andy Hamilton with some of Inga's beautiful fiber sculptures.

We are so pleased to welcome visiting artists Inga and Andy Hamilton back to the Pyramid Atlantic studio. This is the second time these two inspiring artists have graced us with their presence. Inga and Andy have traveled all the way from Northern Ireland to spread their art-making good vibes and we couldn't be more thrilled.   

Among all the cheer they are spreading is a great experiment facilitated by the two called "Elementals". This study unites artists from all over the world whose work will come together with the hopes of accomplishing one mission: to spread joy and happiness through art.  The idea is simple, if artists can focus on consciously putting good feelings into their work, would the art itself have the ability to project these feelings of peace, harmony, and goodwill to the viewer? After analyzing some of the 'data' from the experiment thus far, I hypothesize, yes.

In addition to being a fantastic experiment encouraging people to foster and share goodwill, the end result should be quite beautiful! All the work in "Elementals" will take the shape of some breed of avian creature. See more about the experiment and get to know Inga and Andy better by visiting their respective websites. Find Inga at and Andy at And below, check out a small sample of the birds that are already coming in!

Inga's ceramic birds in progress

More of Inga's herd of birds in progress

Sally Fort's sewn fabric bird with happy, puffy clouds

Fionnuala Elliot's bright and cheery owls

Mama and baby birds by Mark Morgan

Joe Lucas' avian family

Woodcut owl in progress by Sabeth Jackson

Visit their 'Elementals' Facebook page  to see more of the beautiful art that will be a part of this project.

Thank you, Inga and Andy, for always making sure Pyramid Atlantic is a destination on your U.S. adventures. We've loved having you in the studio and can't wait to see you again - next year? We hope so!

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