Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the Press...

An article by former Pyramid artist Tatiana Ginsbergappeared in this winter’s edition of HandPapermaking. The article “Kind Favor Kind Letter” about the project by thesame name, described Ginsberg’s collaboration with artists Kate Carr and LeeEmma Running on an exhibition and artists’ book begun at Pyramid in 2009 andlater shown in an evolved form at Grinnell College in 2011. Since their initial connection at Iowa Centerfor the Book in 2003, the artists managed to stay in touch until meeting againat Pyramid a few years later. Their work develops on the idea of shorthand andnon-verbal communication through tactile experiences and visual processes. Thiswas established during the time they spent making paper together and writingletters. Says Ginsberg, “Like making paper, collaboration has become a ritualthat helps us in our personal work as well.” We here at Pyramid are happy tosee the progress the artists have made since their initial exhibit.

Their book Kind Favor Kind Letter is available for purchase at

Photo credit: The Art Center

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