Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day Event: Sargasso Sea Scrolls

Culminating the collaboration of paper making, digital printing. letterpress and screen printing, the Sargasso Sea Scrolls are now on view alongside the members show in the WPG gallery. The project reflects a partnership with the Sargasso Sea Alliance and seeks to raise awareness for the "Hope Spot" in the waters around Bermuda. Created and conceived at Pyramid Atlantic, the 8' scrolls are screen printed on handmade abaca paper with sea life rendered by 15 different international artists. The scrolls will travel to Bermuda for exhibition. 

Please join us at an Earth Day reception Sunday, April 22nd, 5-7 pm in the gallery at 8230 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD.

The letterpress and screen printed Scroll Key lists the artists and species.
Artistic Director and papermaker extraordinaire Gretchen Schermerhorn peels the paper from the frame. Each scroll sheet takes 2 days to make.
Sargassum seaweed was digitally printed on the handmade paper.

Manuel Paucar volunteered his screen printing expertise.
Screenprint Associate Becca Katz prints the sea turtle.

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