Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Studio Interns Are In Bloom!

the "squinterns" stare bravely into the summer sun

from left to right, a little about our summer studio warriors:

Kai Cannon-Hill is a Pyramid Atlantic Veteran who has already endured the treacherous waters of an Executive Internship. She hails from Takoma Park, Maryland and is joining us in the studio this summer to get her hands dirty and see how the other half lives. Kai has studied at Howard University, and in her younger years only wore shoes that glittered. Kai’s preferred studio weapon is a mold and deckle, with which she could beat you to a pulp (pun intended). 

Emily Fussner came to us on a long and arduous journey through Indonesia, Indiana, New Zealand, and most recently Alexandria, Virginia. Growing up her favorite snack was crayons, ranging from delicious flavors such as Robin’s Egg Blue to Fire Engine Red. She has since begun outputting rather than inputting her art supplies and is now studying printmaking at Indiana Wesleyan University as a rising senior with a penchant for mixed media works. Emily’s studio weapon of choice is her trusty bone folder.

Amy Cousins is a Houston native and a rising senior at MICA. She studies the dark arts of Printmaking and has a minor in Creative Writing. Amy is a not yet convicted toucher of artworks, and has violated paintings by Alice Neel and Picasso. Her studio weapon is the modest ink knife, with which she can make mincemeat out of Senefelders.

Kate Horvat comes to Pyramid Atlantic from Kansas City and holds a shiny and new BFA in Printmaking from Northwest Missouri State University. Kate has a dark past as a soccer player and at her peak could squat 235 lbs! She is working towards squatting our Vandercook and hopes to accomplish this by the end of the summer. Though with her strength she might not even need a weapon, Kate is always armed with her beloved twisted scribe. 

Marcella Volini is a recent graduate of MICA who grew up in an impressively enormous family in Chicago. She has a degree in General Fine Arts and is planning a three-month adventure to Guatemala to learn back-strap weaving in indigenous artisan communities. Her scissors are her samurai sword.

Jackie Riccio (rich-eee-oh) is here from Syracuse by way of Baltimore. She is a rising junior and at MICA where she studies Printmaking and indulges in a studio concentration in Ceramics. Despite her colorful upbringing in the finger lakes region, Jackie has never seen the lion king; nor had she eaten a falafel sandwich until this afternoon (she liked it). If you were to meet Jackie in a time of studio warfare, she would arm herself with a brand new silkscreen.

It's going to be a great summer!

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