Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1,000,000 Pennies Contributed = Success!

We made it.  We raised 1,000,000 pennies.  I could just say we raised $10,000, but 1,000,000 pennies just sounds so much cooler. 

We raised it on the 30th of June as promised. The money represents more than just the final tally of 1,000,000 pennies.  It represents an effort by a collective group of people in support of this wonderful organization.  A collective group of genders, ages, class, sexual identity, races, ethnicities, religions and politics. That is very inspiring.

Like you, I hunger for inspiration.  I hunger for that thing, at any point in the day, that reminds me that at our very core, we are generous and compassionate.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded.  I know that alone I can't do anything and I don't want to be lonely.  I want to be part of a large community that can move mountains or collect 1,000,000 pennies.

This is my last email.  I will be back again next Spring with more inspirational emails.  I think I really like writing them and I love hearing from you about them.  Until then, know that your your 1,000,000 pennies will help make possible 77 classes and workshops for people of all ages, 50 Internships for high school and college students, studio space for 439 artists to create work throughout the year & events that will invite over 7,000 people into Silver Spring.

Know that your pennies helped make it possible for artists of all ages and abilities to grow in our studios, to fall in love with learning through the arts of papermaking, printmaking and artistic books and to be a part of a diverse community that regularly inspires one another through their own self discoveries that the arts make possible.

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