Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thank You, Thank You Very Much

This week we are highlighting four more businesses that value creativity in the workplace and in the community.  The Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair is grateful for the support of businesses like these whose investments in the book arts fair will make possible a creative weekend for all.

Innovative Business Interiors: Choosing the right furniture for your organization can have a significant impact on your operations. Innovative Business Interiors can help you create a more healthful and efficient workspace, make happy employees, and make a better impression on customers.  They are experts at helping customers find the perfect furniture solution — and at managing the entire process, including selection, ordering, purchase, project management, and installation.

Impact Silver Spring: Impact Silver Spring's mission is a thriving, multicultural community where all people are engaged and have the power to bring about the changes they need to live a full and quality life. They seek to create the environments and capacity needed to build and sustain a thriving, multicultural community. Taken altogether, IMPACT’s work is about helping people share power in a diverse community. IMPACT believes that power is infinite and can be shared for the good of all.

The Law Offices of Jay Marks: Liberty. Justice. All. These are not just words but a credo. Jay has been defending the rights of immigrants, especially those with criminal convictions, in immigration courts nationwide since 1998. He also vigorously pursues the labor rights of immigrants in state and federal court to recover their unpaid wages and overtime from employers.

Legal Shield: Rebecca Silvestre and Legal Shield provides legal service to families and individuals.  Customers can access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number. Many other benefits are included, but even at the most basic level our plans allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that the promise of Equal Justice Under Law is a reality.

These are just four more of the wonderful creative businesses in Silver Spring that help make it the coolest place to work and play!  Thank you all for your support.

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