Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Intern - Melinda Thiessen

Melinsa Thiessen studied at Louisiana State University with a major in Graphic Design. In addition to this, she enjoyed taking classes in Sculpture, Book Arts, and General Fine Arts. Currently she is working on a letterpress edition for the in-house printswap and portfolio cases for peoples' prints.

Melinda likes to work and mess around with paper and board and spends some of her free time making books. As a child she would always create booklets for things such as bake sales, where she would include little sections on the recipes and the profit of each food. Along with this, she would create little take-out menus and worksheets based on what she was learning at the time. With her sister, Melinda says that they would make a "Booklet of Pointless Activities" some of which included Mad-Libs.

For something quirky that happened to her, Melinda recounts how once, for her final project in sculpture, her class needed to create an outdoor instillation piece in the middle of Winter with the weather being 30 degrees Farenheit. She was outside until 3 AM, waiting for her friend to finish a piece when it started to rain. Her friend was working on a small house made by 2 by 4's and covered with clear visqueen and filled with cotton/ insullation. Having no other choice, she and her friend had to retreat to the little house. While there were leaks and the cotton damp, Melinda and her friends decided to take a nap, eventually falling asleep with in the house. The next morning, they awoke to people staring at them sleeping as well as looking at the little house project which remained imcompleted.

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