Thursday, July 25, 2013

Youth Empowerment Skills Program fights against teen homelessness

Students participating in the Youth Empowerment Skills Program are focusing their artistic talents this summer on social injustices: teen homelessness.  They have been educating themselves on the different ways that these teens lose their homes.
In the media, teen homelessness is portrayed in different ways; YES has been exploring the different stereotypes portrayed by the media, along with digging deeper.  What we've found is that there are different dimensions to homelessness, in general.  In many cases, a homeless person is in their unfortunate situation for reasons that they have no power over.
YES has been studying how this misrepresentation has come about, and taking it into their own hands.  YES visited Shepherds Table, has been designing and chalking murals, designing and screen printing T-shirts, making pins and hats, and more.
The YES program is learning how to use the power of art to make changes and educate others through creative expression.

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