Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Intern-views (Get it? It's punny.)

Fall is here at Pyramid Atlantic-- that means the air's getting colder, the leaves are turning different colors, the inexplicable pirates at the tavern down the street are getting out their seasonal brews, and, most importantly, new interns are here.

Let's find out who they are:

Lindsay Lynch

Lindsay is from Chevy Chase, MD and she's really having a blast interviewing herself for this blog post. Lindsay went to Georgetown Day School in DC, where she did a lot of art and very little math or science. She is a recent graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio, with a double major in English and Studio Art. Lindsay's art focuses a lot on absurdism, image appropriation, and literary theory. Back in Gambier, OH, she did a large-scale installation that explored images in printmaking as visual language. She often works in linocut reduction prints, but also dabbles in painting and drawing.

Her spirit animal is an otter.

David Felts

David's hometown is Joppatowne, MD, a place I just learned about from Wikipedia-- Joppatowne has a fascinating Civil War history. However, David did not fight in the Civil War. He is a recent graduate from Millersville University, outside of Lancaster, PA. Although he was previously a philosophy major at Cecil Community College, David received his BFA in painting and printmaking from Millersville. His work is influenced by multiple disciplines--from philosophy to art history. He recently did a solo show of work inspired by Renaissance paintings. In addition to interning at Pyramid, he also works as a carpenter.

His spirit animal is a tortoise.

Cosima Storz

Cosima is coming to Pyramid Atlantic from Alexandria, VA. She attended Bishop Ireton High School, where she wore a uniform. In high school, Cosima worked in the costume department, designing and constructing costumes for plays. She studied Studio Art and Product Innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she did not wear a uniform. She did occasionally don a business suit, though, when she worked with business and engineering students on product innovation. Cosima mostly works in printmaking and painting. Outside of her work at Pyramid, she builds art frames.

She told me her spirit animal is either a narwhal or a velociraptor.

Ashton Maltie

Ashton comes all the way from Clarksville, TN, a place whose namesake is the Clark of famous explorers Lewis & Clark. Ashton did not discover large portions of America, though. Ashton currently attends Austin Peay University in TN, where he is studying Computer Science and Studio Art. He's excited to spend a semester in the DC/MD area, interning at Pyramid and taking classes. Ashton loves sketching and doodling both in his free time and in his not-so-free time. He enjoys creating characters and constructing narratives in his sketches.

His spirit animal is a goat/dog/honey badger, which is a fun thing to imagine.

Tania McCamy

Tania was born in Atlanta, GA but currently studies at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN--another place that Wikipedia tells me has an interest Civil War history. Tania is currently finishing up her degree in Fine Arts at ETSU. She works a lot in photography and film making, but she's most interested in pursuing work in community art. Tania is a great director in the literal and figurative sense--she once directed a 6 minute film, and she hopes to someday work running a nonprofit art organization.

Tania isn't sure what her spirit animal is, but she thinks it might be a muskrat.

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