Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guest book in Clam shell box

Using skills I learned at Pyramid, I was able to pull off a very ambition wedding gift for a dear friend. Special thanks to Beth, Linda, Bob, and Patty for their advice and assistance.

The pink paper are 100% cotton handmade, at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (PA) in Silver Spring, MD. The cover of the box, the book , and the pages are gold stamped using a Kensol gold stamper. Interior pages have gold type in Perpetua italic font size 18 and the cover has the same font in size 24. The gold type on the cover is Kennerley font size 24. The book is hand bound using the Coptic sewing method with one page and two spacers per section with a custom made clamshell box.

Look out for a Clam Shell box class in September!

-Jody, Volunteer Associate

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