Saturday, April 16, 2011

Costume Collaboration!

Teaching Artist in Resident, Anne Albagli, has spent the last few weeks developing and creating costumes with Mr. Mayo's class at Silver Spring International Middle School. These rock stars are writing and filming their own movies and needed authentic costumes for the shoot! The Alien Walrus head, the Green Machine head, and Leaf head are all made with cast paper mache, onto which the students built up unique forms for their specific creature. Most of the materials for the rest of the costumes were made with simple materials - such as paper, spray paint, burlap, leaves etc. The time machine, though, used cardboard as a base with all kinds of creative gadgets and aluminum attached. Check out the fun photos we took at Silver Spring International Middle School! To learn more about Mr. Mayo and the amazing work he does with his students visit To learn more about Annie Albagli and her work visit . Enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful costumes! Great to see artists working with kids in the community.