Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time For Inspiration

Hey folks, its week 7 and do you know where your inspiration is? It’s right here. I am at $1,600 at week 7, with 9 weeks to go. I need to raise $1,400 more to support Pyramid Atlantic's awesome arts programs.

So, what inspires me? Time. I believe that with time, anything is possible.

At Pyramid, I see artists use time carefully, like surgeons, carefully, cutting into each minute. Slowly. Deliberately. Rush and you’ll hurt the process. The work is never finished, but each day, you get that much closer. I see young people use time to learn a new skill. To practice it over and over and over until finally, full of pride, they invite you over to see what they can do.

I did not always understand time. When I was a kid, there was never enough time or too much. Trips ended too quickly. The school day went on too long. I tried to cram something into every minute, and still there was more that I wanted to do. When I got to college, I caught up. I was on scholarship and could take up to 18 credits per semester, so I packed my schedule. I took everyone there was to take. I didn’t care if it was part of my major or not.

When I graduated from college I didn’t waste anytime. I graduated form SMU in Texas on a Sunday and was in New York City the next morning. It was time for me to get on with my life, get into a show, get an agent, get on television, get into graduate school, get out of graduate school, get another agent, get into another show. I think about that time today and it’s almost like it never happened or like it happened to somebody else. When my first son was born, it felt like I went from 0 to 60 in a couple of seconds. It was time to be a dad, time to have a steady job, time to buy a house, time to mow the lawn, time to get life insurance, time to get a better paying job, time to plan for retirement, time to workout, time to have a playdate, time to coach his soccer time, time to get to sleep, time to get up.

Today, I think I get it and Pyramid has helped me get it. When I first got here, I honestly felt that I needed 34 hours in a day to get it all accomplished. There was so many meetings to attend, so much I wanted to show my staff, so many events to go to, so much I wanted to tell my Board, so many project I wanted to do and so much I had to learn about running an organization. My first two years were insane. About a year ago, I finally got it. What did it.

You know, I was really at my wits end. I felt like I was doing everything I could and still there was more to be done. Pyramid was not “there” yet and this made me depressed and I fell into a pretty deep, dark depression and I was not sure how I was going to going to get out of it. I remember being at a baseball game with family on my son’s birthday and feeling like I was drifting away. It hit me that day. Time was mine to lose. Time was mine to waste. Time was mine to cherish. Time was mine to value.

I went to see a doctor the following week. I found time to stop. I found time to reflect. I found time for gratitude and hope. I found time.

I love time. Time makes all things possible. I have plenty of time these days and in good time, I am learning all that I need to learn and doing all that I need to be doing.

Like I said at the beginning I am committed to raising $3,000 for Pyramid and sending you, my friends, a message of inspiration every week for 16 weeks so that you may be inspired to help me reach my goal.

I hope I inspired you this week and you will make a contribution, in any amount to my Pyramid Atlantic fundraising campaign by clicking here. Everything helps.


PS: This is me finding time to hang out with my brother in law. Time well spent

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