Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update From Poet in Residence Anne Becker

I am an expansive person and so when I plan I plan big, wanting to follow threads through a number of activities.  

I came to Pyramid Atlantic wanting to make and encourage others to make collaborative art.  I began my work as poet-in-residence by connecting with Lee Marchelonis, an artist-in-residence this past winter, in order to collaborate on an artist book (which got its start in another collaboration with poet/artist Jim Landry and myself).  Lee and I expect to have a prototype ready to go on display for the Book Arts Fair.  For the Fair, I’ve also organized a poetry reading by poets who have collaborated with visual artists.   

In the new year, the next stage of this collaboration fest will continue with a series of salons, that will bring poets, visual artists and book artists together to share their work and begin to get to know one another in order to find partners for new collaborations, culminating in a exhibition of  the works created.  During this time I will be developing a symposium, which will feature artists from a variety of media to explore the collaboration process.  

I hope that many of you in the Pyramid Atlantic community will want to join in.    

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