Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcoming Our New Fall Residents!

With leaves beginning to change color and the Autumn air rolling in, Pyramid Atlantic welcomes two new Artists in Residence for Fall of 2012!

Allison Bianco
Allison Bianco, a Rhode Island native, loves to work with and combine both Itaglio printmaking and screenprinting. She is also interested in experimenting with 3D objects and incorporating them along with her prints. During her time in grad school at University of Hawaii - Honolulu, Allison got the quirky experience of burning screens using sunlight, instead of using a light table. Go and check her out!
Ben Ilka, from Tuscon, Arizona, likes to work with stone lithography and screen prints. He is currently interested in writting along with illustrating his work with his own prints. Another interest of Ben's is the Apollo Program and the Space Program. Ben also likes technology, while printing with a former professor, Ben helped make a print of the Apple iPhone on plexi-glass which was later displayed in the store. Go and check him out!

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