Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don’t just limit crafts to a studio

The baseball bracelet

 A fun summer craft that is easy and quick to make

While there are plenty of wonderful art classes and skills to be learned at Pyramid Atlantic, don't forget that art can be done in your own home, too.

One baseball can make 1 to 2 bracelets.

Materials needed:
• X-Acto knife
• Baseball
• Scissors

Step one:

Cut the baseball with the X-Acto knife about a centimeter from the stitching.  Follow the stitching with the knife until you reach the start of the cuts.

Step two:

Peel the leather off of the baseball.  (You may need scissors to reinforce the cut lines)

Step three:

Cut the other patch of leather on the other side of the stitching.

Step four:

Peel off the remaining cut section of leather. (You may need scissors to reinforce the cut lines)
You now should have a stitch 

Step five:

Find the knot in the stitching and either untie or cut from that end.
You can cut the stitches to make two bracelets if the sizing works better that way.

Step six:

Cut along the stitching holes for about an inch on both ends of the stitching.

Step seven:

Next, untie the stitches, cut off any untidy pieces, and tie a knot.  You’ve just made the bracelet ties.

And there it is...

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