Thursday, June 6, 2013

KiKi DC "Off the Rack" Saturday, June 8

This week, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center employees have been busy making phone calls, putting together gift bags, and managing art props for the KiKi DC “Off the Rack” fashion show.
The show takes place this Saturday, June 8, from 8 to 11 p.m. at The Fillmore in Silver Spring and will benefit Pyramid Atlantic for community art education.  
The KiKi DC show will feature wearable art judged by celebrity guests – expect former Project Runway designers and more. 
While the show as a whole is a giant collaboration, Chelsey Anderson, manager of special projects and new initiatives at Pyramid Atlantic, has a large piece of the load with putting together the event.
Anderson has been busying herself with call for entry duties, managing the artists, overseeing/managing script writing, preparing for the backstage management, and coordinating the silent auction for 2D artwork to be sold at the show.
“I’m really thrilled about working backstage with the artists, the chaos, and watching it all come together,” Anderson said.
Anderson said that this show is unique because both “fashion and 2D artwork are being converged here.”
Anderson said they are preparing for 300 to 400 people in attendance at the show.
Not only are the celebrity judges going to make an executive judge for an award, but the audience also has the option to be involved in the “Audience Choice Award” through texting their choice.
“We’re going for the ‘wow’ factor,” Anderson said.  “Things they’ve never seen before.”
The fashion art and the 2D art are from more than 25 artists from the area.
“I hope it is a good introduction for Pyramid Atlantic,” Anderson said.  “I hope it sparks further interest in the organization.”

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