Sunday, August 11, 2013

Artist residency: Winston Harris

Collaborating music with art

Winston Harris is working on etching and screen printing projects at Pyramid Atlantic through Pyramid’s artist residency program.
Winston has his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and his master’s degree in printmaking from Howard University. 

Winston (right) and Ana Parrodi, Pyramid Atlantic intern, both prepare the inked-up plexiglass before printing.

The etching project is called “Midnight Jazz Hour” because the pieces are based off of sketches Winston made while at a jazz show.  He is using a process called dry point.
Winston chose etching for this project because he thought that etching would leave the best impression for this project.
He is also using water-based inks.
The images drawn based off of the jazz music were etched onto the plexiglass plates with an etching needle and prepared with ink before being printed.  

Winston's project with the silkscreen is titled "American Made." 

Winston has been involved in different exhibits, one being "Influence over Time" and "Printmaking in 3D."

Visit Winston's website at:

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