Sunday, August 11, 2013

YES Program displays art

This Friday, the Youth Empowerment Skills program displayed their artistic abilities.  The theme of the program this year was social injustices with a focus on teen homelessness.  

The YES program had been working on their works all throughout July until that point.  Much of the art was printed on commercial items, such as T-shirts and hats, to make a statement on homeless injustices on such consumer items. 

Pyramid collaborated with the Gandhi Brigade and SSTCI for the exhibit. The exhibit also presented a documentary on teen homelessness, which interviewed different homeless teens.  Each teen had a unique and heart-wrenching story to tell about how they got into their situations and how they are working to improve their future.

Through the collaboration of art, film and first-hand accounts, all working on this project were able to spread awareness that this is a problem -- even if it is not an issue that is well known.

The leaders of the exhibit from all sects were proud of the success of their interns and volunteers.

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