Friday, June 24, 2011

Arc of Mystery at Artisphere

Leila Holtsman's new installation was unveiled at her solo show opening at Artisphere on June 23rd. The Frieze Project is made up of 12 eight foot long steel panels which progress in time and palette. Mounted in the extra long and gently curved "Mezz" Gallery, it is easy to view the piece up close (above) or as a continuum, by peering up or down the corridor. It works beautifully both ways. Inspired by Rauschenberg, Leila layered her eclectic collection of imagery using photo image transfer, which creates ghostly effect. She then brayers or brushes freefloating bursts of saturated color.

Leila sought technical assistance from Pyramid Atlantic, first with Screenprint Associate Marty Ittner, who demonstrated Photoshop techniques to create high contrast imagery. After experimenting with screenprinting, Leila turned to Artistic Director Gretchen Schermerhorn to alternatively try photo image transfer. Leila felt the less saturated tone conveyed the immediate look she was after. She executed the image transfers on her panels at the Pyramid studios. Congratulations on a beautiful and meaningful work of art, Leila!

Artist Leila Holtsman

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