Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Intern Project

Summer interns finish an ambitious silk screened sign for Pyramid Atlantic's store, Art Spring, in downtown Silver Spring. If you visit, look for it next to Potbelly (which is right below Art Spring).
We also have two new summer interns! May from Dickenson college is an administrative intern (she is at the far right). And Jamie from St. Mary's , who just recently came back from traveling in Thailand, will be joining the other five studio interns (He is holding the sign and is the only guy). Gretchen said this is Pyramid's largest group of interns yet. All the interns agree that coming to Pyramid for the summer was a good choice. In the two weeks we have been here we have already received instruction on and the opportunity to experiment with silk screen printing, copper etching, letter press printing and basic paper making.
Unfortunately Elena, a much beloved studio intern, will be leaving this friday after a six week internship at Pyramid. Elena looks fondly back at her experience at Pyramid saying that, "This has been one of the best times in my life." We all wish her well as she returns back to her home country, Germany, and finishes up High School.

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  1. The posters turned out well. The orange and blue was a good choice, and that orange background looks great. =]