Monday, February 4, 2013

Artist is Residence: Lisa Moren

I came to Pyramid with a specific project using pigments that I had collected last summer in South Australia along an aboriginal "songline" that's now run by big mining companies. So all of my prints are red and yellow ochre.

For a few years I've been collecting pigments from pollution, mostly water pollution, and probably the most insane experience was being in the Gulf of Mexico during Deep Water Horizon rig's oil spill that devistated that region.

I got sick while playing the tidy bowl man out in a little white fishing boat amongst chemically inundated oil blobs floating in Bastian Bay LA, I documented it in a book coming out by the Center for Art Design and Visual Culture. For that project I was inspired by the arial videography that was all over the news which is why I made marbleized paper out of the BP pigment.

As far as inspiration, I recently curated an exhibit with artists Nina Katchadourian, Paul DeMarinis, Ingrid Bachmann and artist team Émile Morin & Jocelyn Robert entitled "Artists Working with Phenomena and Technology." They make a flame sing, popcorn talk, shoes tap, a grand piano play poems like rain is falling on the keys, I love them all and look forward to touring the show and catalog distributed by D.A.P. this spring. Other than technology artists I also like Fluxus artists, Happy Birthday Allison Knowles who just celebrated her 80th birthday!

Lisa's 'Harmano' project

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