Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pyramid pays a visit to Velatis

Helen enjoyed the yum-yum dust--a lot

We enjoyed a sweet evening last night at Velatis Caramels, located just up the street from Pyramid, on 8408 Georgia Avenue.
After a great tour from Dana, we all learned how to 'paint' chocolate with opalescent edible yum-yum dust and how to make their famous sea salt turtles!
Stephanie watches Dana explain the fine art of casting hot chocolate

So, the next time you're visiting Pyramid Atlantic or Washington Printmakers Gallery, or eating dinner downtown......make the most of your time here in good ole' Silver Spring, and pop into Velatis.
Patty Lee learned how to cast a chocolate bunny
My recommendations: dark chocolate sea salt turtles, Amy's toffee with nuts, or vanilla chewy

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