Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet The Fellow: Corwin Levi

Pyramid Atlantic is thrilled to welcome Corwin Levi as our Artist Fellow.    Corwin was born in North Carolina.  He moved around and lived in Boise, Idaho and Silver Spring, Maryland before eventually settling in Knoxville, Tennessee  where he spent many of his childhood years.  The hiking and time that he spent outdoors while living in Tennessee continues to be a tremendous influence in his work today.
Pyramid Atlantic Artist Fellow Corwin Levi.
Corwin made a very interesting career transition.  He decided to pursue art full time after practicing law for several years.  Becoming an artist seemed like a natural progression.  “I have been making Art as long as I can remember,” Levi said.  “My mom taught me to read by writing words and having me draw pictures of the words. I think practicing law was a way for me to see another world, or another side of the world and it made me both appreciate and understand artmaking so much more.”
The work of an artist can be inspired by anything.  Corwin finds his inspiration in everything from waking up everyday to conversations with other people.  These ordinary parts of life have inspired Corwin’s beautiful artwork.  
For more information on Corwin and his upcoming shows, please check out his website at


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