Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet Our New Denbo Residency Artist: Clare Winslow

Denbo Residency recipient Clare Winslow is doing screenprinting on a panel of wood. This is somewhat experimental for her as she usually works with paper. The surface of the panel is not as smooth, takes color differently, the color will appear differently, and it's hard to know what it will look like beforehand. It's harder to test with wood than with paper, because you wouldn't want to throw out the wood, though you can sand a layer off later if necessary. The project is a two-piece scene to go on wood reused from kitchen cabinet doors. She has used the medium before, but previously on something already prepared. Her medium, as it comes from something already in existence, will need to be prepared and coated first. Otherwise, the wood could buckle. So first comes sanding and coating, and after the ink goes on, a varnish to protect the surface. This artwork may take ten or so layers of ink.
The inspiration for the project is a landscape. Clare envisions a loose landscape rooted in a particular suburban street at dusk, in which there was a filtered, lowering light; street lamps; telephone wires; dark trees; and a light sky. Telephone wires are commonly thought of as ugly additions to a view, says Clare, but in this piece their interesting geometric lines cross the picture, adding abstract elements.

For her one-month residency at Pyramid Atlantic for the Denbo Residency, Clare thinks this piece and the preparation for it will be plenty to take on. Her goal is to finish the test prints and final project in the month of March. The ink on the table today is speedball water-based screenprinting ink (acrylics).

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