Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Happening in Our Studios: Clare Winslow and Gretchen Schermerhorn in Print Shop


 Gretchen Schermerhorn tutors Clare Winslow

 inks and roller

 Clare prepares the plate (1)

 Clare prepares the plate (2)

 the print is pulled!


On March 26, our Denbo Resident Clare Winslow was taking advantage of one of her perks. The residency comes with an offer for technical assistance, which can be taken advantage of various ways. For instance, for an artist doing large-sized work it may mean having someone available to help maneuver the materials. Clare's choice was to receive a tutorial today from Gretchen Schermerhorn on creating multi-pass montoypes in print shop.
Gretchen explained that multi-pass monotypes involve positive and negative shapes and masking. Layers may be added for running prints several times through the press. Prints may include several colors as in a painting, solid colors, or color layers that create the illusion of several different colors.
Ink goes on the plate, with objects on top of the inked plate, then paper. Objects such as the leafy plants used today block the ink for a printmaking-negative effect, but since they receive ink on one side they may then be used face down on another print for a positive-ink rendering. After the press is run, the print is placed on a rack to dry.

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